It is our goal to come alongside our clients and be an encouraging support and source of information.  We strive to aid the body by removing the burden of toxic waste, which enables the body do what it knows how to and rebuild!

We are committed to educating people on how to work with their body for life long change.

Welcome to Tena's Healthy Solutions.

Assisting people across the U.S. on their road to vibrant health.

Located in Paw Paw, MI 1 mile North of I-94.

Monday  9-5                    Thursday 9-5

Tuesday 11:30-7:30        Friday      9-5   

Wednesday - closed       Saturday 9-12

                       1st & 3rd Sat. every month

                                       Sunday - closed

We are a unique spa, dealing mostly with detox and body support. We firmly believe that if you give the body what it needs, then the body will heal itself.

We treat the body as a whole. We are mind, body and Spirit and the health of each is vital to the health of the other.



Our Mission



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  PHONE: (269) 657-6555