COVID-19 Safety Guidelines for Clients

Under State mandated guidelines for protection of our employees and clients from COVID-19 infection, we will be implementing the following precautions:

1. Since we deal with all kinds of health conditions and there are some that cannot wear a mask, we are leaving it up to the individual whether or not to wear one. Be advised that some will not, so if this causes you concern, please consider waiting till a later date for your appointment or perhaps we could accommodate you being in a private area. Please understand that we cannot guarantee that space will be available for private therapy, but we will try our best to accommodate you. You will be expected to provide your own mask.

2. Please wash your hands upon entering the building and every time you use the bathroom.

3. We ask if you have any temperature or other symptoms at all that you do not keep your appointment. Fees will be temporary waived for late cancellations.

4. Upon request, we will provide you with your own envirocloth to be used to wipe your hands or wipe down whatever you wish during your time in the building. This cloth is to be returned upon your leaving. Thank you!

5. We will be wiping down surfaces often...door knobs, chairs, toilets, sinks, surfaces, etc.

6. Most of the employees here have conditions that do not allow them to wear masks long term. We will, upon request, wear them temporarily. Understand that we cannot wear them for great lengths of time and Erica cannot wear one at all.

7. We have installed a plexi--glass barrier at the front desk for protection during check-out and other business transactions.

8. We ask that you would stay in your car when you arrive for your appointment and call to let us know you are here. We will then notify you when it is safe for you to enter.

9. We have removed all but 3 waiting room chairs and have distanced them 6-feet apart. We ask that extra people without an appointment, unless absolutely necessary, not be brought with you to alleviate the number of people in the building at any given time. Other people may be brought with you as long as they do not wait inside the building.

10. Everyone will be expected to do 3 minutes on the Quad Harmonic Zapper at the end of their appointment.

11. Our hours of operation will be temporarily reduced until further notice.

12. We will be taking extra cleaning measures after hours to ensure the reduction of possible transmission of the virus.

13. During the month of June we will have reduced hours of operation. We will resume regular hours of operation on June 29.