Colon Hydro-Therapy

Orientation (required with first colonic)-- $25

    Sit down with one of our certified practitioners for an in depth walk-through of the digestive system.

     Learn of the affects that colonics can bring you. Discuss your health history and together, set goals for a

     bright future.

Colonic -- $67

    Approximately 1 hour

Colonic Package of 3 -- $171

    Reflects a $30 discount


Gwa Sha -- $17

     15-20 minutes. This is a type of detox massage. It is designed to help break up the myofascia and bring toxins to the surface for the body to dispose of. Great for back pain and stress relief.

True Rife

True Rife Session -- $0.58 per minute

Massive GRS -- $100

GRS Under 21 Minutes -- $20

    each additional 20 minutes add $10

Far Infrared Sauna

1 Person -- $1.10 per minute

     Based on actual time in the sauna

2 People -- $1.65 per minute

     Based on actual time in the sauna

Quad Harmonic Zapper

Zapper Session -- $0.58 per minute

     Dr. Hulda Clark's Quad Harmonic Zapper, cleanses the blood of harmful, single cell organisms as well as

     kills viruses.

Body Wraps

1 Wrap -- $80

Package of 3 Wraps -- $220

Energy Balancer Footbath

Full Footbath 65 Minute Session -- $40

     Ionized water assists the body in detoxing major organs, lymph system, heavy metals, acid, etc.

A. 12 Minute Session -- $9.50

B. 18 Minute Session -- $14.50

C. 23 Minute Session -- $18.50

Ear Candeling

Ear Candeling Service -- $12 per candle

Ear Candeling Service (bring your own candle) -- $9.50 per candle

Galvanic Spa Facial

 Basic Facial -- $30

Add on:

     Ageloc Future Serum +$10

     Glacial Mud Mask +$5

     Line Corrector +$5

Achilles Tendon Release

Session -- $0.85 per minute

     Varies from 30-90 minutes